Our loyal supporters have almost paid off the debt of the 2004 campaign. The process of closing that campaign down will soon be finished. As a result, this website will have to be retired too, but a new one will take its place immediately.

Stay tuned, and in the spirit of the 32 morally principled U.S. House Members and one Senator who stood up for democracy, justice, and the Constitution on January 6,

Vanos Biography

David Van Os

Summarized Biography


Born:   February 19, 1950, Kilgore, Texas


Age:    54



  • Son of Seymour and Francene Van Os, of Tyler, Texas

  • Married to Rachel Barrios-Van Os, a native of San Antonio

  • Four children, B.J., son, age 20; Kay, daughter, age 19, freshman at UTSA; Maya, daughter, age 7, second grade; Leya, daughter, age 6, first grade

  • Family resides in San Antonio

Educational Background

  • National Merit Finalist

  • Graduated Kilgore High School, May 1968

  • Awarded General Motors Scholarship (competitive) to attend University of Texas at Austin

  • Entered U.T. Austin September 1968, in Plan II, interdisciplinary honors degree program

  • Selected Junior Fellow, UT- Austin, 1970

  • Graduated U.T. Austin in Plan II, Cum Laude, May 1972

  • Entered U.T. Law School, August 1973

  • Received Human Rights Research Council Distinguished Research & Writing Award, 1974

  • Graduated U.T. Law School, August 1976

Employment and Professional Background



Associate Counsel, National Treasury Employees Union


Associate, Law Office of David R. Richards


In-house counsel for District 12, Texas, Communications Workers of America


General Counsel, Texas AFL-CIO


Member and managing shareholder of law firm concentrating in Union-side labor law, representation of workers, and civil rights and human rights issues - David Van Os & Associates, P.C., composed of six lawyers, located in San Antonio, with regional practice from Texas to Missouri


Professional Honors


Ø       AV-Rated Attorney, Martindale-Hubbell peer rating system, highest rating for legal ability and ethics


Ø       Listed in Best Lawyers in America, Woodward & White, by peer review, Labor & Employment Law, since 1986


Ø       Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation, by invitation


Ø       Member, College of the State Bar of Texas


Ø       Listed in Texas Monthly’s “Super Lawyers 2003”




Political & Community Activities, Positions, & Honors


Ø       Life Member, NAACP


Ø       1985-1995 – Member, Board of Directors, Texas Equal Access to

Justice Foundation, by appointment of Texas Supreme Court


Ø       1990 – President’s Citation for Achievement in Civil Rights, Austin NAACP


Ø       1990 – Civil Libertarian of the Year Award, Central Texas Chapter, ACLU


Ø       2002 – Texas Women’s Political Caucus “Good Guy” Award


Ø       Attended every Texas Democratic State Convention since 1974


Ø       Block-walked for Democratic Party general election tickets in 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2002


Ø       President, Northeast Austin Democrats, 1978-1980


Ø       Democratic Precinct Chairman, Travis County, 1981-88


Ø       Travis County Democratic Party Chairman, 1996-98


Ø       Ran in statewide General Election as Democrat for Texas Supreme Court, 1998


Ø       2000-2003 – Chairman, North East Bexar County Democrats


Ø       2001-03 – Democratic Precinct Chairman, Bexar County


Ø       Represented Austin NAACP in federal voting rights suit over Austin City Council elections


Ø       Represented LULAC in federal voting rights suit over Austin School Board elections


Ø       Represented Central Texas ACLU in federal suit over re-segregation of Austin AISD elementary schools


Ø       Traveled to Palm Beach, Florida, November-December 2000, to assist Democratic Party in vote recount efforts

Our Continuing Mission

Message to Supporters and Allies

From David Van Os -- November 14, 2004


Over two and one-quarter centuries ago our mission in the world as Americans was forged in revolution against imperial tyranny and framed in the noble words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Constitutional democracy and liberties borne by history’s greatest revolution are the birthright of each of us as Americans. As Americans we are proud of our birthright and we are proud of our historical mission. That mission continues in the heart of each of us.


Today, we are called upon to preserve that mission, and to protect it from those who seek to obstruct Constitutional checks and balances and who seek to render Constitutional liberties subject to radical Republican sufferance. Since those who currently seek to undermine the vision of Washington and Jefferson are rooted in Texas, this state is one of the primary battlefields in the fight to preserve the spirit of our Constitutional framework.


For my part, the fight continues. I am sure that is the case with you, too. While I am disappointed that political operatives of my Party, who constructed strategy this year, did not understand the significance of Texas as a battlefield, let you and I together assure the opponents of the Constitution that Texas is not a free ride for them. The battle is joined and the fight continues.



Statement of David Van Os Regarding Texas Supreme Court Contest


I recognize that my opponent will be declared to have received the most votes. However, I cannot in good conscience concede an election when millions of votes were cast on electronic machines that do not provide verification that the vote was recorded as the voter intended.


I am sad for the people of Texas. It appears that according to the vote-counters the people of Texas continue to be in the grip of the Republican power machine that does not serve the interests of the people. However, as they say in East Texas where I grew up, I’ll fight ‘em ‘til hell freezes over and then I’ll fight ‘em on the ice. I am committed to the fight to restore Texas to a place that serves the people’s interests instead of the selfish special interests.


Although winning this fight evidently will take longer than I was hoping, I intend to be around for a long time and I am committed to the fight. It was an honor to be at the side of so many of you in the particular phase of the fight represented by the 2004 general election contest for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court.



David Van Os Responds to Newspaper Endorsement

Once again, a newspaper editor who should know better displays the pro-corporate hypocrisy that has been suffocating the people of Texas for too long.

The San Antonio Express-News editorial column of October 15 recognizes that the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court needs balance, yet endorses my arch-conservative Republican opponent on the grounds that I am too partisan because I am a “populist liberal Democrat.” In the same breath the Express-News applauds my republican opponent for being “conservative.”

Why is it that being a liberal Democrat is too partisan but campaigning as a conservative Republican is not? Since even to pose this question reveals the hypocrisy of the San Antonio Express-News and the other corporate newspapers that have taken the same position regarding my candidacy, the real answer has to be that the corporate newspaper moguls want a Texas Supreme Court that continually caters to selfish corporate interests and slams shut the courthouse doors against the people. Why should anyone really be surprised?

“Populist” means being for the people; “liberal” comes from “liberty” and means being for the people’s Constitutional liberties; “Democrat” means being of the political party and tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Henry B. Gonzalez, and Ann Richards. I accept all of these labels with pride, and I thank the corporate newspaper establishment for revealing its true colors by criticizing me for being for the people, for liberty, and for proudly being of the political party and tradition of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Gonzalez and Richards.

In contrast, the Texas Publishers Association, composed of the 22 leading African-American newspaper publishers in Texas, endorsed me by acclamation – the first endorsement by acclamation in the organization’s 20-year history. The news organs of our state’s historically most disenfranchised and disempowered citizens clearly recognize the need to put a voice for the people on the Texas Supreme Court. Their unanimous endorsement is a proud personal highlight for me, and I would not trade it for all of the corporate endorsements in Texas. I say to the people of Texas that we will win this battle, and we will put a populist, liberal, Democratic voice for the people on the Texas Supreme Court.

Protesting over the rGBH issue

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For over six hours the world would never know where the French web design manager was. The eliminating of the ministerial meeting, along with the president's mysterious disappearance, stunned this French including Pompidou, who yelled, "He has fled the country!"

The national government had effectively ceased to operate. Aggravating for most on the farmers may be the sluggish economy,which blame on the policies of widely unpopular socialist President Francois The netherlands, and the falling prices caused bylarge harvests and also a food embargo imposed about the EU by Italy inresponse to economic sanctions. Following their overcome of France, your Vietnamese had become engaged in some sort of civil war where, protesters insisted, the usa had no right to conflict.The antiwar movement became a mass crusade during which millions of Americans took part.

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Hollande’s economic program consists of cutting spending with a total of US$62.6 billion (50 billion euros) by 2017, in addition to a package of duty exemptions for employers to encourage them to “create work opportunities.” Date Last month, about One particular,000 people protested to dam a trash incinerator inside Songjiang, near Shanghai, with no decision yet announced at this time there on whether it will certainly proceed. A Oriental policeman wears a mask as he holders on a street adjacent to Tiananmen Square in Beijing on February 26, 2014. The plant is operated by French power group EDF.

In The fall of 2011, thousands of anti-nuclear protesters delayed a educate carrying radioactive waste from France to Germany.

The students hoped to offer power to the people to make sure they could fight for own rights along with political and economic changes.This democratic, activist faith led many college student activists to reject govt and school administration insurance policies. byNova Land 2 RecsThis week coming up inside Taiwan there will be an political election for Mayor of Taipei.Even though Taipei is far out the mayoral contest is usually a fascinating one that we could only hope heralds a change.

By the past due 18th century, this British organization looked at the fitness program was almost universally accepted. In the past the protests have ended in the removals involving presidents Abdalá Bucaram in 1997 in addition to Jamil Mahuad in 2000.

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The Confederation of Ancient Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), backed up by some opposition parties and student and also teachers' unions, organised the actual cross-country march starting from El Pangui, Zamora-Chinchipe. Together with Wednesday's action, farmers doing checks on lorries delivering food for the French finance ministry explained they had found Moroccan garlic and Italian oatmeal.

The environmental slogans and a environmentally friendly heart were estimated onto the famed figurine of Christ your Redeemer, overlooking the city Initially Nations residents within the Sound were after that able to purchase 50% associated with ownership in the region's logging rights.

But the protest in Sunday showed clear signs of advance setting up: demonstrators had significant anti-Fujia banners, T-shirts, professionally imprinted placards and even face masks. It also provided for actions against against factories in which emitted large amounts associated with black smoke.

Each will be felt except for their race along with economic status, their own communities would not have also been designated to host a dangerous waste disposal facility. ^"FEMEN Women's Movement Says Police Blocking Organisation's Company In Kiev". Ukrainian News Support. The organisers prepared to cross various provinces before concluding in Quito, on 22 March[3] after the 700 km march. Recent times has seen a dramatic uptick with press coverage associated with Chinese environmental concerns.

Issues raised in November

Even the humble chemical paraxylene, or PX, the chemical feedstock that has been at the centre of the Ningbo protests, has set off a number of large-scale protests across the country. Most of us normally meet about the last Saturday ... One particular group even decried the impact of global warming upon New Hampshire’s maple syrup industry and increasing growth and popularity of green detox and antioxidants drinks.

Xia Zhaolin, professor of toxicology from Shanghai's Fudan University, told China Daily—which is censored, but 's no government mouthpiece—"My research area is the impact regarding chemicals on workers' health, and PX just isn't even a subject that will interests me.” A standard form of action had been the symbolic funeral of research in the symbolic place, your Ecole Normale Supérieure, for instance.[14] This type of actions is very prevalent within Parisian universities, in particular Paris III along with Paris IV (any Sorbonne-Festival took place at the end of Walk over several days).

As being the war continued, a lot more people began to question You actually.S. On On the, around 77 had been arrested in aggressive clashes whenthey took to the streets of Rome in unsanctioned protests at thedeath of 21-year-old Remi Fraisse the previous week, who waskilled using a police tear gas grenade when he was among the thoseprotesting against a dam undertaking in Sivens in France’s southwest. After the protests throughout Guagnzhou, the government seemed to make softer its stance, publishing a statement explaining that this PX plant had not been given final approval yet. But seeing as they’re purportedly instilling a lifestyle of fear around opposing the plan, and also making people concur in writing not to oppose it, it seems fairly likely that their brains are already made up. The coming year world leaders are set to show up in Venice to settle a global local climate deal based this is not on a bitterly-contested chiselling mediation in the middle of the night, nevertheless on open co-operative offers of action in order to tackle a contributed problem.

In 1963 The Feminine Mystique, by Nancy Friedan, was published and became a best-seller. You see fewer people wearing hides, and hear much less whining about the air. Nevertheless a large gay protection under the law movement began merely in the late 60's, when citizen activism became more common due to the municipal rights movement along with social change movements. Several congregation members have been there said protesters, some wielding steel bars and softball bats, had tried to degree the walls whilst League members compelled them back by putting tables and chairs. That 12 months, a member of the Nfl sprayed Houria Bouteldja, a French-Algerian activist, with red colour as she stood near a museum specialized in Arab culture.

The primary European to arrive inside Tofino was a Spaniard, Juan José Pérez Hernández in 1774. How many displaced Palestinians seeking shelter at UN amenities has topped 260,000. “He had just one big wish and this was for Václav Havel arrive at Teplice.Unfortunately, that didn’t come about...Overall, events had been a little chaotic.

In February 1968, the French Communists and French Socialists formed an electoral coalition. Reports were gathered centrally by the Government Procedures Centre, an agency given the job of preparing the federal government’s respond to emergencies. “If there’s a big PX factory in a neighborhood, the property prices will decline.

Endorsements of the Campaign for Justice!

Democracy For America
Communications Workers of America
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Iron Workers District Council of the State of Texas
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
United Auto Workers
American Federation of Government Employees
San Antonio AFL-CIO Council
San Antonio Firefighters Union Local 624
Teamsters Local 745, Dallas
Austin Black Lawyers Association
Hispanic Bar Association of Austin
San Antonio Stonewall Democrats
Baron & Budd
The Progressive Populist Caucus of the Texas Democratic Party
Texas Carpenters & Millwrights Regional Council, United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America
Texas Working Families Political Action Committee
Rio Grande Valley Teachers Association

Endorsements of the Campaign for Justice!

Endorsements of the Campaign for Justice!

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